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ゲームや日常生活でHaikuを作るブログです。It is a blog that makes haiku in games and everyday.


I write haiku using the "365 days language notebook" written by the poet Itsuki Natsui.



March 27 季語:遅日 Nightfall slows down

遅日 春の日暮れがおそくなったことをいう

Kigo 「Nightfall slows down」 It means that the sunset of spring is late


I made a haiku.

「Baked pudding」

The nightfall is late in spring

Night shift day

Baked pudding



March 28 季語:麗らか Everything in spring is beautiful

麗らか 春の日が美しく輝き、万物が明るくて柔らかい

Kigo「Everything in spring is beautiful」Spring days shine beautifully, everything is bright and soft


I made a haiku.


Boy's cracked abdominal muscle

ーSpring sunlight



March 29 季語:春の闇 Spring darkness

春の闇 ほのかな明るさを含んだ闇、神秘的

Kigo「Spring darkness」Darkness with faint brightness, mysterious


I made a haiku.


The sleeping pill is a little sweet

ーSpring darkness


March 30 季語:朝顔蒔く Plant morning glory seeds

朝顔撒く 朝顔の種を蒔くこと。草花の種を蒔く頃

Kigo「Plant morning glory seeds」Planting morning glory seeds. When to plant flower seeds


I made a haiku.

「moning gloly」

Kyiv siege news

ーPlant the morning glory






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