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ゲームや日常生活でHaikuを作るブログです。It is a blog that makes haiku in games and everyday.


I write haiku using the "365 days language notebook" written by the poet Itsuki Natsui.



March 16 季語:接ぎ木 Grafting a tree

接ぎ木 芽の出た木を切って、他の木に接着させる

Kigo 「Grafting a tree」 Cut the sprout tree and glue it to another tree


I made a haiku.

「cloudy day」

Graft a tree with prayer

ーCloudy sky



March 17 季語:挿し木 Insert a branch

挿し木 枝を切り取り赤土などの挿床に挿す

Kigo「Insert a branch」Cut off the branches and insert them into a floor such as red clay.


I made a haiku.


The scent of soil at my fingertips

Insert a branch



March 18 季語:朝寝 Morning sleep

朝寝 朝、寝心地の良さから寝床から離れられない

Kigo「Morning sleep」I can't get away from the bed in the morning because of the comfort of sleeping


I made a haiku.

「wake up wake up」

Wake up in a dream and sleep in the morning


March 19 季語:蛙 frog

蛙 芭蕉の句でおなじみ。交尾期によく鳴く

Kigo「Frog」It is familiar by a haiku of the Basho. Frogs cry well in a breeding season


I made a haiku.


A frog cries as if a lapis lazuli stone rolls



March 20 季語:卒業歌 Graduation song

卒業歌 卒業式に歌う歌のこと

Kigo「Graduation song」A song to sing at the graduation ceremony


I made a haiku.


Smoking a cigarette

behind the school

i can hear the graduation song



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