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ゲームや日常生活でHaikuを作るブログです。It is a blog that makes haiku in games and everyday.

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Haiku at Pocket Camp「Fresh Fruit Goals 01」

Pocket Camp Diary I have completed Fresh Fruit Goals. もぎたてフルーツチャレンジコンプリートクリアしました。 The furniture was ★ 3, but I don't care because it seems to be versatile. ★3だったけど、汎用性が高そうな家具なので気にしない。 I …

Haiku at Pocket Camp「Fishing Tourney Priceless Jewels Exhibit」

Pocket Camp Diary Completed "Fishing Tourney Priceless Jewels Exhibit". 釣り大会コンプリートクリアしました。 The gestures of the animals were cute furniture. どうぶつたちの仕草の可愛い家具でしたね I made a haiku. If a jewel falls in the mi…