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ゲームや日常生活でHaikuを作るブログです。It is a blog that makes haiku in games and everyday.

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I write haiku using the "365 days language notebook" written by the poet Itsuki Natsui. 夏井いつき先生の365日季語手帖を使い作句します。 January 22 季語:冬の梅 Winter plum January 23 季語:福引 Lottery January 24 季語:氷柱 icicle January …

Haiku in Animal Crossing「Protein island」

Animal Crossing Diary I'm sorry. I was too busy with my own muscle training to update my blog. 筋トレに忙しくてブログの更新できませんでした。ごめんなさい。 As an apology, I made my island a protein island. お詫びとして、私はプロテイン島を…