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ゲームや日常生活でHaikuを作るブログです。It is a blog that makes haiku in games and everyday.

Entries from 2021-12-25 to 1 day

Haiku at Pocket Camp「Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt:Winter Candlelight」Complete clear

Pocket Camp Diary I have completed "Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: Winter Candlelight" ハニワ集めコンプリートクリアしました。 Along with that, the season event was also cleared. それに伴いシーズンイベントもクリアしました。 The campsite has beco…

Haiku at Pocket Camp「Lanternfly Goals」Complete clear

Pocket Camp Diary I have completed "Lanternfly Goals". テングビワハゴロモイベントコンプリートクリアしました。 I had a fortune cookie ★ 3, but I don't cry. ★3でも泣かない I made a haiku 「Celestial maiden」 Celestial maiden took off her sw…